Director’s Message

Dear Patrons and Friends,

My name is Noriko Yamamoto. I am honoured and delighted to accept my appointment as Executive Director at The Japan Foundation, Toronto, succeeding Ms. Yuko Shimizu on September 11th, 2022.

In the early 2010s, I had been assigned to our office in New York.  Now, I have arrived in Toronto with a feeling of nostalgia for North America and a hope for new endeavours. Moreover, I am thrilled for the opportunity to learn more about Canada and its peoples.

Even before my assignment here, I had been aware of the amazing work the Japan Foundation, Toronto did in staying active and finding creative ways to carry out forward-thinking projects during the pandemic. In these difficult times, fulfilling our mission of promoting international exchange between Japan and overseas countries has been challenging. More online gatherings and digital resources have become available, but at the same time, we can’t emphasize enough the value and impact of face-to-face dialogues.

I hope to succeed in building upon the foundation my predecessors have established. As we are seeing fewer COVID restrictions and moving toward a new normal, we foresee our public events gradually transitioning from online to in-person or hybrid. We will do our best in mobilizing existing technology and resources to serve the people of Canada in the most effective ways.

I would also like to share my goals concerning health and safety – the health of our partners, coworkers, supporters, and visitors is the top priority. I will do my utmost to ensure a safe environment and implement effective programs by following public health guidelines.

On behalf of the Japan Foundation, Toronto, I thank you in advance for your continued support. I look forward to meeting and working with you soon.

All our best,

Noriko Yamamoto

Executive Director

The Japan Foundation, Toronto