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Japan Foundation Resources

Below are useful sites and resources the Japan Foundation has created for teachers of Japanese.

We also recommend teachers check out our list of Language Learning Resources as there are many sites listed there which can be used in the classroom!

*NEW* Japanese Teaching Methods Video and Text (Japanese only)

These teaching materials were developed by JF’s Japanese Language Institute, Urawa, to provide Japanese language teachers with basic knowledge of Japanese language teaching methods, separated by theme. The materials are based on a number of teacher trainings, and were created with reference to the JF Japanese Language Teaching Method Series and the JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education.

*NEW* [Self-Study Course] Teaching Methodology Online Course for Japanese Language Teachers – JF Standard B1 (Japanese only)

You will learn the basic principles of the JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education.

*NEW* [B1 Self-Study Course] Teaching Methodology Online Course for Japanese Language Teachers – Japanese Language and Culture (Japanese only)

We will review basic knowledge about culture and cross-cultural competence.
Then, we will consider the significance and methods of incorporating culture into Japanese language classes.

*NEW* [B1 Self-Study Course] Teaching Methodology Online Course for Japanese Language Teachers – How To Teach Reading Comprehension (Japanese only)

You will learn about teaching methods to develop reading comprehension abilities.

JFT Online Training for Japanese-Language Teachers – “Activate Your Japanese”

If you missed the lecture or just want to watch it again, you can now can check it out on our YouTube channel at the link above.

Multipurpose Games/Tools for the Classroom

A variety of game tools published by the Japan Foundation Toronto that can be used in Japanese language education. Free to use!

*NEW* JFT Online Marugoto Japanese Language Course: Collection of Teaching Plans

Teaching plans used in JFT’s language courses using the Marugoto textbooks.
Please feel free to download and use them as reference materials when you use “Marugoto“.

*NEW* Marugoto Teaching Materials Project: Collection of Support Materials

The Japan Foundation, Toronto’s Marugoto Teaching Material Project aims to create a collection of materials to be used as a reference by teachers in order to make it easier for the Marugoto textbooks to be used in Japanese-language education in Canada. Anyone who is currently using Marugoto textbooks, who would like to use them in the future, or who is simply interested in the textbooks are welcome to freely use these materials!

*NEW* Marugoto+ Contents List まるごと+内容一覧表 (Spreadsheet) (PDF)

MARUGOTO+ (MARUGOTO Plus) is a website where users can learn about Japanese language and culture based on the contents of the MARUGOTO: Japanese Language and Culture. Here you can find a detailed table with the contents of the first three levels!

JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education Guidebook for Users [New Edition]

The guidebook is now available in English. Other languages are also available here.

Minna no Kyouzai Site・みんなの教材サイト (English/Japanese)

Minna no Kyozai is a free, members-only website to help Japanese-language teachers around the world create teaching materials for their students.

※ For information in English, please refer to

Minna no Can-do Site・みんなのCan-doサイト (Japanese)

Minna no Can-do Site is a website where users can search for CEFR Can-dos and JF Can-do as well as create their own Can-do statements.

Nihongo Kyoiku News・日本語教育通信 (Japanese)

Check out the Japan Foundation’s “Nihongo Kyoiku News” for new and useful information for Japanese-language teachers.

JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education・JF日本語教育スタンダード (Japanese)

Focusing on what learners “Can-do” in Japanese, the JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education has been developed in order to be practically useful in different educational contexts around the world.

※ For information in English, please refer to

Classroom Resources for Teachers (JF Sydney)

Enrich your Japanese classroom with a collection of resources for all learners from The Japan Foundation, Sydney.

Speak Japan Blog (JF Los Angeles)

The Speak Japan blog shares resources, ideas, and inspiration to Japanese language teachers for their classroom and surrounding community.

Please also visit the websites of other Japan Foundation locations for a variety of Japanese-language teaching and learning resources:

External Resources

Below are external sites and resources that are useful for Japanese language education.

GenDori Project ・げんどりプロジェクト

「いろどり」「げんき 1 」対応表

A correspondence table for the grammar in Irodori and GENKI I textbooks created by volunteering teachers in Canada and the United States.
げんどりプロジェクトメンバー: 石川比奈子(カナダ・カルガリー大学)& ポーチ涼子(アメリカ・ミドルテネシー州立大学)
GenDori Project Members: Hinako Ishikawa, University of Calgary, Canada and Ryoko Poarch, Middle Tennessee State University, USA

Canadian Professional Organizations

The following are national organizations that welcome Japanese-language teachers as members.

Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education (CAJLE)


The Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education (CAJLE) actively promotes Japanese language education in Canada. They operate a variety of activities including an annual conference, lectures, workshops, support of regional workshop/meetings, and the publication of academic journals. (From “About Us“)

Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT)

CASLT fosters and advances professional excellence in the teaching of languages in Canada. CASLT supports its members by promoting the advancement of language learning and teaching throughout Canada, by creating opportunities for professional development, by initiating and disseminating research, and by facilitating the exchange of information and ideas among language educators. (From “About CASLT“)

Distributors of Japanese Language Materials

Below are distributors of Japanese-Language educational materials in Canada. This list is provided as a resource for Canadian educational institutions, and if you have any suggestions for places to buy books in Canada, please let us know.

Blue Tree Books

(Formerly Nihongo Circle/OCS CANADA)

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 604-688-0121 (Vancouver), 905-415-0611 (Toronto)
  • Office: Blue Tree Management (Canada) Limited
    #1300-1500 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6G 2Z6
  • Toronto Book Store: Blue Tree Books
    3160 Steeles Avenue East Unit 1 (J-Town)
    Markham, ON L3R 4G9
  • Vancouver Distribution Centre:
    #195-4851 Miller Road
    Richmond, BC V6B 1K7