Japanese-Language Resources

*NEW* Looking for a space to practice the language outside of class? JFT Virtual Study Space is now open to all learners of Japanese in Canada.

We have compiled a list of links related to Japanese-language education, including many useful resources and study tools for teachers and learners.

Language Learning Resources

A variety of fun and engaging websites and apps created by the Japan Foundation that can be used by learners to start or continue their learning.

Language Teaching Resources

Useful sites the Japan Foundation has created for teachers of Japanese, as well as links to Canadian professional organizations and distributors of Japanese-language educational materials in Canada.

Young Learners of the Japanese Language

Links for young learners who are looking to study Japanese, and guardians who are looking for resources for their children to learn Japanese as a heritage language.

JFT School Calendar

Each year the Japan Foundation, Toronto creates a school calendar to show our appreciation to the institutions in Canada that teach the Japanese language.

Statistics and Research

Links to information gathered by the Japan Foundation about the state of Japanese-Language Education worldwide, including the Japan Foundation’s regular survey on Japanese-language education abroad.

search_mushimeganeSearch Engine for Japanese Language Education Institutions


This is a search engine created by the Japan Foundation for looking up places where you can learn the Japanese language overseas, based on the results of the Japan Foundation’s “Survey on Japanese-Language Education Abroad.”

If you want to find where you can study Japanese in Canada, this would be the place to start!