Japan Dialogues: Discussions, Talks and Lectures

JAPAN DIALOGUES: Discussions, Talks and Lectures

Enjoy from the comforts of home, several talks, interviews, panel discussions and lectures presented by the Japan Foundation, Toronto that touch on a diverse range of Japan-related subjects. Scholars, artists, researchers, authors and experts from a wide range of fields share their insights and opinions on Japanese food, architecture, literature, language, and many more subjects.

Domesticating the Kappa, Or: What do Yokai Mean?

A Lecture by Dr. Glynne Walley (University of Oregon)

Transcending Borders: Author NISHI Kanako in conversation with Dr. Christina Laffin

Interview of Japanese author NISHI Kanako by Dr. Christina Laffin (UBC)

The Cinema of SUZUKI Seijun

Online lecture by Dr. William Carroll

Whispering Spirits: Ghosts in the Literature of Izumi Kyōka and Book Design of Komura Settai

Talk with Dr. Pedro Bassoe

Inuit Print Art and Its Early Japanese Influences

Talk with Dr. Norman Vorano

Women Directors in Contemporary Japanese Cinema

Talk with Dr. Colleen Laird

JFF Plus Talks: Documentaries from Japan

Livestream Talk with Jesse Cumming & Dr. Darcy Gauthier, moderated by Joanna Maracle

KATSUSHIKA Oei: A Woman Artist in the Floating World

Talk with Katherine Govier, Rosina Buckland and Deanna Horton

Ramen Talk With Chef Ryu Takahashi and Chef Matt Kimura

Conversation between Chef TAKAHASHI Ryu (RYUS Noodle Bar) & food stylist Chef Matt Kimura on the craft of RAMEN.

Parallel Worlds: Translators Behind the Scenes – On the other side of every book in translation is a translator connecting the two different cultures, bringing not only the words of that parallel world into English, but also its thoughts, values, and viewpoints. In this series of discussions, we talk to translators of literary fiction, manga, genre fiction, and children’s literature to tease out the challenges and thrills of bringing a wide variety of Japanese works to English readers.

Parallel Worlds: Translating Manga

Jocelyne Allen sits down with colleagues David Evelyn and Jenny McKeon to discuss the translation of manga across genres.

Parallel Worlds: Translating Genre

Moderator Rachel Cordasco goes on a deep dive with acclaimed genre translators Takami Nieda and Emily Balistrieri.

Parallel Worlds: Translating Colorful

Interview with Eto Mori, author of the classic Colorful & her translator Jocelyne Allen, moderated by Dr. Mimi Okabe.

Parallel Worlds: Interview

Writings and Adaptations: Author Eto Mori interviewed by Author Kerri Sakamoto

Parallel Worlds: Translating for Young Minds

Interview with translators Cathy Hirano and Avery Fischer Udagawa, moderated by Jeff Chiba Stearns

Healthy Hakko: The Fermented Culinary Arts of Japan –  What are the essential flavours of Japan? Miso, sushi, shoyu, sake, shochu, or katsuobushi? They have all undergone fermentation, and these are some of the favourites that will be covered in this series. Together with a selection of documentary films on this topic, there will be discussions and talks by experts in the field, including sake samurai, epidemiologists and food scientists. These experts will share their insights so you can gain a deeper understanding of the origins, health benefits and the special place that fermented foods hold in Japan’s culinary culture and traditions.

Healthy Hakko: The Fermented Culinary Arts of Japan PART 1

Dr. Greg de St. Maurice and Dr. Eric Rath sit down to discuss the little-known history of fermented sushi, regional variations of miso, and the gastronomical possibilities of these foods today.

Healthy Hakko: The Fermented Culinary Arts of Japan PART 2

Talk by shochu ambassador Dr. Stephen Lyman and microbe scientist Dr. Victoria Lee about the history of fermented Japanese drinks, koji, research on different kinds of fermentation microbes, and more.

Healthy Hakko: The Fermented Culinary Arts of Japan PART 3

A discussion between documentary filmmaker Kaori Ishii (The Genealogy of Sake), and Michael Tremblay, sake sommelier who provides a concise introduction to sake, description of the mystical dance between sake’s main ingredients and the sake brewers.

Healthy Hakko: The Fermented Culinary Arts of Japan PART 4

Sandor Katz, celebrated author and fermentation revivalist, and Shiori Kajiwara, Koji consultant and acupuncturist discuss the many ways fermentation connects people to their food, their health, to each other and to the land.