Exhibitions for Loan

The Japan Foundation,Toronto lends out exhibitions to Canadian arts and cultural organisations or educational institutions.
For further information, contact Toshi Aoyagi, Program Officer at (416) 966-1600 x229 or toshi_aoyagi@jpf.go.jp.

22. Yokohama Noh Theatre Photography Exhibition2013 Framed 50 photographs in B1 sizeStage photos from the Yokohama Noh Theatre by Yoshiaki Kanda, paired with luxurious costume photos.
21. Ceramics for Daily Comfort: Design Exhibition by Yasuki Sakamoto and Kazuhiro Tominaga2013270 industrial ceramic pieces, 9 framed photosYasuki Sakamoto and Kazuhiro Tminaga carry on the tradition of contemporary industrial design in in Ceramics originated by Masahiro Mori 1927-2005 of Hakusan Porcelain Ltd. Hasami, Nagasaki.
20.Tamasaburo Bando Poster Exhibition2012total 50 posters, 10 coffee table books, flyers, and photo panels10 coffee table books, flyers, and photo panels
Collaboration of top designers and photographers (such as Kishin Shinoyama) of Japan with Tamasaburo, a superstar of Kabuki Theatre
19. Tenugui Towel Exhibition2010Total 300 piecesA display in four chapters; Flowers of four seasons, Traditional patterns, Food, and Living creatures.
18. Masahiro Mori Ceramic Design Exhibition2007total 200 pieces, 35 cm X 90 cm each, Displayed on the metal pipes. 35 cm X 90 cm each, Displayed on the metal pipes.
A collection of industrial ceramic pieces designed by the late Masahiro Mori 1927-2005, from his signature piece G-type Soya Sauce Bottle (1958) to 120 variations of the Shallow Rice Bowls (1992).
17. Japanese Gardens Four Seasons of Gardens in Kyoto Photographs by Mizuno Katsuhiko200660 x 77 cm total 40 pieces, framedAn introduction to four seasons of gardens in Kyoto in colour photos
16. New National Theatre Tokyo Poster Exhibition,1996-20062006B1/ Total 100Starting with the posters by Kazumasa Nagai for the inaugural opening opera performance, the exhibition includes the theatre series works by the late Ikko Tanaka, which built a great graphic design tradition that was passed on to Nobuyoshi Kikuchi. This collection represents a bird's view of the contemporary theatre scenes in Tokyo.
15. Tadanori Yoko-o Poster Exhibition: Recent Poster Works,1997-20052005B1/ Total 100An icon of creative energy from the 1960s, Yokoo has continued to be an active designer. Younger generations in particular express their interest in his works in relation to the context of anti-modern arts. Yokoo's latest poster works are all gathered here.
14. Shibusawa Memorial Museum: The Birth of Modern Industrial Society in Japan2005B1/ Total 100Ukiyoe prints of early Meiji period, when western civilization suddenly poured into Japan. Photographed and re-printed in enlarged poster format.
13. Photo Panel Series by Norihiko Matsumoto:
Life of Japanese People
2005L 90 X 60 cm =15, S 60 X 40cm=25
Total 40
Introduces aspects of Japanese daily life, such as children, sports, living quarters and food
12. Yusaku Kamekura Poster Exhibition: Graphic Giant2005B1/ Total 100
Posters by the late Yusaku Kamekura, once called "Design Father of Japan" from the 50's to the 90's
11. The National Theatre of Japan Poster Exhibition2004B1, B2 & A1/ Total 70Posters of Japanese Traditional Performing Arts such as Noh, Kabuki, Bunraku…
10. Shin Matsunaga Poster Exhibition: The Graphic Appetite2004B1/ Total 70
By taking any style and subject, and digesting them into his own visual language, Shin Matsunaga displays a wide range of poster works.
9. Photo Exhibition by Kazuyoshi Miyoshi:
The World Heritage in Japan
200260 X 77cm/ Total 59, framed Colour photos of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Japan
8. Makoto Nakamura Poster Exhibition: Afterglow of Rouge2001B1/ Total 50
Works created between 1963-1997, as a designer for Shiseido, Japan's leading maker of cosmetics
7. Kenya Hara Poster Exhibition:
Graphic Intensity in Mid-Tones
2001B1/ Total 70A leading artist amongst the younger generation of Japanese graphic designers, Kenya Hara is an awardee of prominent prizes such as Mainichi Design Award. His works in this exhibition demonstrates his unique method of highlighting the concept in soft, mid-tone colours.
6. Okinawa Classical Dance Photo Exhibition2000B1& B2/ Total 20Posters of Okinawan performing arts, collected at the occasion of G8 Okinawa Summit in 2000
5. Ikko Tanaka Poster Exhibition: The Graphic Characters2000B1/ Total 60, Bx/ Total 11Major works by the late Ikko Tanaka, who was known for his method of combining the aesthetics of Japan and the West.
4. Japanese Film Poster Exhibition2000B1 & B2 / Total over 200Classic and modern Japanese film posters, some of which were screened at the Toronto International Film Festival
3. Shigeo Fukuda Poster Exhibition: Visual Prankster1999B1/ Total 70His signature graphic method of Trump-l'Oeil blossoms in his colourful works. A fun exhibition.
2. Kazumasa Nagai Poster Exhibition: The Graphic Animal1998B1/ Total 70Animal-themed poster series since the 80's
1. Graphic Art Exhibition in Support for Hanshin Great Earthquake Victims199532X24cm~
Total 23
Posters created by Tadanori Yoko-o, Yayoi Kusama, etc. in support of the victims of Hanshin-Awaji earthquake in 1995