Japanese Language Classes FAQ


Show Who can study at the Japan Foundation, Toronto? Do I have to be in Toronto?

All our classes are online, and adult learners from anywhere in Canada (residents) can join our classes. So, no, you do not have to be in Toronto!

Show When are the classes?

Our classes run on weekday evenings between 6:30 pm and 9 pm Eastern Time.
For the detailed schedule of our weekly Marugoto classes, please click here.

Show Where are your classes held? Do you offer in-person classes?

All our classes are conducted online on Zoom—none of our classes are in person.

Show How are your classes like?
How much does the course cost?

Our classes at the JFT are student-focused and emphasize spoken communication—students take an active role and there are lots of listening and speaking activities during class.

Online Marugoto Courses
Frequency Class meetings are weekly
Duration 1 year (3 terms)
Format of Class Meetings Online on Zoom
Levels 7 levels available (Starter to Intermediate 3)
Target For those who want a structured course and frequent class meetings where they learn course content and practice during class
Course Materials The textbook series: Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture
Cost $390 per term. Early-bird discount (deadlines on course page): $360 per term*B1-1 costs $360 per term with an early-bird price of $330
**B1-2 and B1-3 each cost $150 per term

Show When does registration start? Are late registrations accepted?

Our courses start in September every year and consist of 3 Terms, which continue after each other in terms of content (Term 1 September-December; Term 2 January-April; Term 3 April-July).

Registration opens in early August, and remains open as long as spaces are available. While we recommend students start from Term 1 in September, we accept registrations at any point during the year as long as space is available.

This means that a student can join mid-year starting Term 2 or 3, provided that space is available.

Show How do I pay? Do I pay for the full school year at once

After we receive your registration, review it, and confirm your registration (after confirming your course level with a placement test if necessary), you will be sent a Square invoice to the e-mail address you provided when registering.

Payment is only accepted on a term-by-term basis, so you only need to pay one term at a time.

Show What is the main language of instruction?

In all our classes at JFT we aim to provide an immersive experience where the teacher speaks mostly in Japanese, especially as you go up the levels. 

Class discussions are conducted at a level that is appropriate for the class, and instructors use Japanese terms that students can understand (except for complex topics that require the use of English). Students are also encouraged to communicate using whatever Japanese they come to learn.

Show I don’t know what level I should register for.

  • If you are a complete beginner, our Starter (A1) course might be suitable for you
  • If you have some Japanese knowledge, our self-checker here can help you see what level might suit you best.
  • Once you have an idea what level might be good for you, you can fill out the registration form for your selected class (please see “How do I register” for details).

Please note that if you are a non-beginner and register for one of our weekly Marugoto classes, we will ask you to do a placement test and brief oral interview to make sure the class level is right for you.

If you want to see what our textbooks are like:

Show Are there any technical requirements for the class?

We recommend that students use a desktop/laptop instead of a smartphone, if possible.  A camera and microphone are required to participate, in order to maximize your benefit from the class!

Show What textbooks do I need for the courses?

For our weekly Marugoto courses, we use the textbook series “Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture”:

  1. Starter (A1) course: Starter A1 Katsudoo and Starter A1 Rikai
  2. Elementary (A2-1) course: Elementary 1 A2 Katsudoo and Elementary 1 A2 Rikai
  3. Late-Elementary (A2-2) course: Elementary 2 A2 Katsudoo and Elementary 2 A2 Rikai
  4. Pre-Intermediate (A2/B1) course: Pre-Intermediate A2/B1
  5. Intermediate 1 (B1-1) course: Intermediate 1 B1
  6. Intermediate 2 (B1-2) course: Intermediate 2 B1
  7. Intermediate 3 course: Intermediate 2 B1

Please visit the corresponding course page for more information: https://tr.jpf.go.jp/language/classes/marugoto/course-listing/

Show I am interested in travelling to Japan. Will your courses be useful for me?

If you are interested in travelling to Japan, our classes put a strong focus on understanding and communication, and help students develop the skills they need to succeed when confronted with new/unknown words and phrases. Please refer to the question “I don’t know what level I should register for.” for more information on the course content. 

Show How do your courses relate to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)?

While our courses do not specifically target the JLPT, the Japan Foundation has conducted research to show how the levels of our textbook series line up with the levels of the JLPT, and the results of the study are available at: https://www.jfstandard.jpf.go.jp/pdf/jfs_jlpt_diagram2017(english).pdf

For information on the JLPT in Canada: https://tr.jpf.go.jp/language/jlpt/

Show Do you have a student portal for your courses?

Yes! We use Google Classroom, where assignments and announcements are posted, and students and teachers can communicate and share resources.

Show Do you offer classes for children?

Our classes are for adults (18+). For children’s programs, the Japan Foundation has a searchable index where you can search for institutions in your area that offer Japanese language courses for children, using the filters on the website such as education level, etc.:  https://www.japanese.jpf.go.jp/do/index

Show Do you have any resources for Japanese learners?

Yes! We have a lot of resources available, some of which are posted here: https://tr.jpf.go.jp/language/resources/student/

Show Do students get a certificate when they complete your courses?

At the student’s request, we can issue a confirmation of enrolment letter and/or a score report.


Show I am a Japanese language teacher. Can I observe your classes?

Yes! We accept observation requests starting the fifth week for Term 1, and starting the third week for Terms 2 and 3. Please visit this page for more information: https://tr.jpf.go.jp/language/classes/class-observation/

Show Do you have any resources for Japanese language teachers?

Yes! We offer teachers’ trainings, workshops, information exchange meetings, and many more resources. Please visit the Teachers’ Professional Development page: https://tr.jpf.go.jp/language/teachers/

For more resources, please visit our Resources page: https://tr.jpf.go.jp/language/resources/

Still have questions?

Please email koza_jftoronto@jpf.go.jp.