Animated Shorts from Tokyo University of the Arts Students

A lineup of impressive animated short films will be playing on a loop at the Japan Foundation, Toronto’s event hall (10:30AM-4:30PM), as a part of our 2023 Doors Open Toronto program. All films were made by animation students from the Tokyo University of the Arts.

Curated by acclaimed animation filmmaker and educator YAMAMURA Koji, half of these animated films were chosen with the theme of “sound” (to reflect this year’s Doors Open theme “City of Sound”) and the other half relates to the theme of “sports” (in conjunction with our Japanese Sports Posters exhibition).

In between each film, relax to short soundscape videos inspired by the “100 Soundscapes of Japan.” These sounds were chosen in 1996 in an effort to combat noise pollution and promote protection of the environment.


Big cities are glutted with information. Unconscious curiosity, hidden under apparent indifference, invites us into a noisy loop.

Created by IMAZU Yoshiki • 2017 • 3:58

Football Animals

Only one minute left in the second half. The RED ANIMALS are slick, pushing through the deadly defensive line of the BLUE BEASTS. And just when you think it’s all over, the ball goes up in the air. Who will smell sweet victory?

Created by NAGASAKA Kohei • 2023 • 1:35


Numbers stations were prominently used during the Cold War. A boy was tuning the radio in the snow mountain and happened to tune the shortwave of codes.

Created by MIYAJIMA Ryotaro • 2016 • 3:09

Fourth Period Swimming Class 四時間目のプール

The fourth-grade protagonist is going through physical and emotional changes and feels awkward as she can’t help but compare herself to her friends. One day, she is blown away by her classmate Aya’s swimming and realizes that she has feelings for her.

Created by KOBAYASHI Mayo • 2022 • 5:56

Nocturnal Roadwork 夜の道路工事

Nightly road constructions are completely forgotten in the morning. But they not only repair and maintain the streets, they heal scars and make them disappear without our knowing.

Created by HASHIJI Misuzu • 2019 • 4:30

Color Blots シミアソビ

A game to find image in a chance. In this Aleatoricism, there is much more potential than what I have moved.

Created by SUZUKI Saori • 2015 • 3:31

Wild Boys Advance 超ラジオ体操

An ensemble play with men full of distorted energy.

Created by koya • 2015 • 5:13


Men’s muscle, lust for battle, conflict, and the game.

Created by OKAMOTO Noriko • 2014 • 3:45

Featured Soundscapes:

Bamboo Forest in Kyoto

Wild Geese in Izunuma Lake

Nebuta Festival in Aomori

Kaminari-iwa (Thunder Rock), Goishi Coastline

Time Bell at the Hill of Ueno

Black-Tailed Gulls in Kabushima

Oirase River Stream