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December 14th, 2023

Cost: Free
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 Online Japanese Grammar Boot Camp


Looking for a fun and productive way to spend this winter break? Are you a grammar enthusiast (or just want to practice Japanese)?

Look no further. Join our online self-study boot camps and learn/practice Japanese grammar in your own time!

What is this about?

We have two course offerings targeting different levels:

Starter (A1) course: for learners who can read the Hiragana and have some background studying Japanese (at least 3 months would be ideal).
This covers some basic grammar points e.g. numbers, giving a simple self-introduction, talking about family, food, where to go for lunch, daily routine, day and time, prepositions, describing your house, etc.

Elementary (A2-1) course: for learners who can read the Hiragana, Katakana, and some Kanji, and have been studying for about a year (ideally).
This covers elementary grammar e.g. talking about what you do, hobbies, weather, your language studies, describing a point of interest in town and directions to get there inviting someone to something, offering help, etc.

These are two structured self-study courses where you can learn and practice Japanese grammar using free resources, as well as online games and exercises developed by us.

Course duration: From Thursday December 14, 2023 to Thursday January 4, 2024* Those who finish all the tasks by January 4 will be entered into a draw to win prizes!


  • Free
  • Has lots of practice materials catering to different preferences, around 5-10 minutes each
  • Exercises are divided into stages and are available in the form of assignments/tasks on Google Classroom
  • Track your progress
  • To be done over 2-3 weeks (recommended), for about 10 minutes a day

Registration Deadline: Monday December 11

How to Join:

  1. See the orientation slides here to know how to progress.
  2. Fill out the form below, making sure select the course(s) you would like to join.
  3. Since you need a Google account to access the Classroom, if you do not have one you can either: create a new Gmail account (instructions here), or, if you would like to use your non-Gmail account, you can follow the steps in this video to create a Google account with your existing email address.
  4. We will send you the link to join the Google Classroom by December 14.

Participation Requirements:

  • Any adult (18 or older) in Canada who has Japanese language study experience, as follows:
    • ★Starter (A1) course: Must be able to read Hiragana and have some experience studying Japanese, ideally for 3 months or more.
    • ★Elementary (A2-1) course: Must be able to read Hiragana, Katakana, and some Kanji. Ideally has been studying Japanese for a year or more.
  • Must have or be willing to create a Google account to be added to Google Classroom (instructions will be provided to those with non-gmail addresses)
  • A computer or tablet is recommended. While you can do many of the activities on a phone, there are a few where text might be too small on a phone.

For Reference

The content for the Starter course is based on the Marugoto A1 textbook, Topics 2 through 5 (grammar reference here).
The content for the Elementary course is based on the Marugoto A2-1 textbook, Topics 1 through 5 (grammar reference here).
* The recommended schedule is December 14 to December 29 for the Starter (A1) Boot Camp, and December 14 to January 3 for the Elementary (A2-1) Boot Camp.
* To accommodate holidays, the deadline to finish all tasks and be eligible for the prize draw is January 4. However, course content will still be available to participants for review beyond this date.

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December 14th, 2023
December 14th, 2023
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The Japan Foundation, Toronto
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