3.11 Portrait Project

an exhibition presented by The Japan Foundation
supported by Shiseido (Canada)Inc.
3.11 Portrait Project
January 7-27, 2012 at the Japan Foundation, Toronto

The 3.11 Portrait Project supports Eastern Japan Earthquake recovery with the volunteer participation of professional photographers, hair and makeup artists, models, and local NPOs. Their objective is to take authentic portraits of earthquake survivors, clearly different from journalistic photographs, which will leave a meaningful record for the next generation and support the emotional recovery of local communities and Japan as a country.

By taking portraits of earthquake survivors, many of whom lost all of their family photos in the disaster, these artists hope to help the people of Tohoku find courage, hope and momentum to move forward with their lives. Photography’s intrinsic ability to preserve can prevent this disaster from being forgotten by future generations, and its power to communicate can touch both subjects and viewers and change grief into smiles.

The project is supported by the efforts of elementary, junior high and high school students from non-disaster areas, who volunteer to frame the portraits and send them to the survivors along with their personal messages of support.

The one-year anniversary of the earthquake is approaching, but the people of Japan, with the support of the international community, are committed to reconstructing the affected area for years to come.

The 3.11 Portrait Project plans to continue taking photographs at temporary housing sites every weekend in order to help Tohoku recover some of its smiles.



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