Digital Exhibit: 30th Anniversary Logo Contest

To kick off our 30th Anniversary year, we held a contest inviting people across Canada to create a logo to celebrate the Japan Foundation, Toronto’s 30 years of promoting friendship and mutual understanding between Canada and Japan. We received over 40 entries and then over 350 votes across our website and social media to select the winning logo from the top 3.

We are happy to announce our new 30th Anniversary Logo:

Look for the logo in our programming and events throughout our 30th anniversary celebrations!

We extend our deepest thanks to everyone who participated in our contest.

Top 3 Entries

Winning Entry: Dione Leung (Markham, ON)

I explored a couple of motifs that I thought could well represent Canada and Japan, from the English and Japanese alphabets, to the colours red and white that we share in our flags.
However, I kept coming back to the idea of seasons and the roles they play in our cultures. The sakura and the maple leaf represents both a beginning and an end; whether it’s the beginning of a new school year or marking winter in one way or another. Anniversaries are a little like a beginning and an end in themselves. They celebrate the time that has passed but also the good times to come. I liked the cyclical symbolism that both the sakura and the maple leaf held, but also the significance that both trees have in Japanese and Canadian culture. The Japan Foundation acts as a branch between the two cultures, so that both can flourish like the blossoms and leaves of the trees.

Runner-up: Anthony Liliefeldt (Toronto, ON)

My design represents a unifying point of purpose and that is in keeping Canadians informed about Japan and vice versa, informing Japanese about Canada. Consequently, I use a single line to illustrate my point and confirming it with the line “Thirty years of sharing.”

Runner-up: Lou Oliver Montiel (Brampton, ON)

I decided to combine two symbols that represents each country, the Maple and the Sakura. Joining these two together symbolizes the harmony and peaceful union of two great countries in my heart.