Handcrafted Form: Tradition and Techniques

October 17, 2015 – January 12, 2016
The Japan Foundation, Toronto
2 Bloor Street East, 3rd floor of Hudson’s Bay Centre

Free admission

People in Japan are surrounded by utilitarian craft objects that have been brought into being and nurtured within their daily lives. By making the most of the raw materials of each craft—ceramics, textiles, metal work, lacquerware, wood and bamboo work, paper, etc.—and contriving to use the techniques appropriate to each, goods have been created that combine ease of use with beauty.

Following the industrial revolution in the West, Japan also saw the modernization of production during the Meiji era (1868-1912). Through the introduction of machines, most of the craft objects that until then had been made by hand were replaced by mass-produced, industrially manufactured goods. Alongside the mechanized production that occurred from the beginning of the Meiji era, however, production of hand-made craft objects continued on a smaller scale in independent, regional workshops throughout Japan. While this workshop system fostered superior artisans, among those workshop artisans it also gave rise to individualistic, idiosyncratic craft artists.

Traditional material and techniques, rooted in the climate and landscape of every region of Japan, produced both utilitarian craft objects made by the seasoned skills of artists and art works richly imbued with the creativity of craft artists. Artisans and artists have influenced each other. This mutual influence has contributed to the depth and high quality of Japanese craft as a whole.

This exhibition introduces hand crafted objects made from traditional materials with traditional techniques from all over Japan. Representative objects designated as “Traditional Craft Objects” under the Japanese government’s Traditional Manufactured Goods Law form the core of the exhibition, supplemented by works of craft artists.

Kazuko Todate
Chief Curator
Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum

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