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Production I.G Short Animation: KICK-HEART

Production I.G 短編集:KICK-HEART

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Date Available

February 9 from 7:00 pm EST (4:00 pm PST)


Kick-Heart is a love story between Romeo, a successful pro-wrestler, and Juliet, a nun who lives a secret double-life as a female pro-wrestler. Romeo’s secret is that he enjoys taking a beating in the ring, while Juliet feels invigorated when facing her opponents as a wrestler. When the two meet in the ring, the fireworks fly. Will Juliet reveal her true identity to the one she loves? Will Romeo be able to share his secret to the world?


Year 2013
Runtime 13 min
Language Japanese
Subtitles English
Genre Animation
Director YUASA Masaaki
Awards 2013 Fantasia International Film Festival, Best Animated Short (Canada)
2013 Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Short Competition (France)
2013 Ottawa International Animation Festival, Short Competition