Author Questions From Canada

Japan-Canada Literary Exchange


Questions from Canadian writers to Japanese writers カナダの作家から日本の作家への質問

Margaret Atwood マーガレット・アトウッド

Have you yourself yet written a story that is based on this ‘plague’ experience we have all been having? Or is it too early for us to have understood what the multiple effects of this event have been? Will we only be able to grasp this event once it is in the past?

Katherine Govier キャサリン・ゴヴィエ

I would like to ask the authors about Japan and large-scale disasters. What positive attributes of your countrymen are brought forth by catastrophic events, and what negative traits? Unlike Canada, Japan is compact geographically and has a long shared history. How do these factors play in to the COVID responses?

Vincent Lam ヴィンセント・ラム 

Are there any foods that you have been preparing more often in your home, or new dishes that you have started cooking during the pandemic, that seem particularly suitable for the pandemic? What is the dish, and why is it a good dish for this time? Will you share this dish with friends when the pandemic is over, or is it a more personal meal?

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