Kazue Harada

Assistant Professor of Japanese, Miami University


Dr. Harada’s fellowship took her to Tokyo for 12 months in 2012 and 2013. 

My dissertation research was an exploration of Japanese female science fiction (SF) writers and manga artists by employing posthuman, cyborgs, and other hybrid entities to question contemporary gender roles in Japan. The research in Japan was immensely helpful for the completion of my dissertation and for the connection to Japanese scholars and SF writers. After the completion of the dissertation, I was able to attain a tenure-track position at the [Miami] University in the US. I have evolved [my dissertation] into a book manuscript while working as a teacher at the university.

[While in Japan,] I attended a ten-day tour of the International Science Fiction Symposium II to meet various authors in Japan, China, the US, and France. This experience made it helpful to expand the connection to the SF community.