David Murakami Wood

Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Surveillance Studies, Department of Sociology, Queen’s University


Dr. Murakami Wood spent 59 days in Tokyo in late 2019 for his Japan Foundation fellowship. 

I wanted to examine the security preparations for the Tokyo Olympics. This involved site visits and interviews with key people in government, Olympic organisation, corporations and opposition groups. All of this could only be done in Tokyo.

During the time I was in Japan for my fellowship, and in the spirit of the Olympics, I ran my first full marathon, the Fujisan Marathon. Although my result was terrible, it was a really significant experience.

I’m already an established scholar and in mid-career with a tenured position, so [the impact of the fellowship was] not as much as if I’d had a fellowship earlier in my career. It was still an important opportunity for me, and the support was very much appreciated.