Laure Paquette

Professor Emerita, Department of Political Science, Lakehead University


In 1997, Professor Paquette went to Tokyo as a Japan Foundation Fellow to interview opinion-makers regarding international security in japan. She subsequently wrote a book titled Security for the Pacific Century: National Strategy in a Multilateral Setting.

I am immensely grateful to the Foundation for the unique opportunity to visit Japan, and to my host institution, the Japan Forum on International Affairs. It was in every way unforgettable and fruitful. It was a landmark in my career and allowed me to conduct research in many other countries at the same level of access and, if I may say so, prestige as my time in Japan.

Professor Paquette is not only a respected scholar but also an artist. Her fondest memories of her time in Japan extend well beyond research:

There are so many memories… being the only non-Japanese in an afternoon performance of Noh at the National Noh Theatre; visiting the irises in bloom at the Meiji Shrine, and being asked most politely by the Japanese how I knew when to go there; taking a lesson in the tea ceremony; the view of the sunset over Mount Fuji from my office window; and giving a public lecture at the Okura Hotel.

After the fellowship, I wrote several articles on international security, and I was invited in several other East Asian countries as visiting scholar as a result. I have now been visiting professor or researcher in 23 countries. I have advised several governments on their international security, including Republic of China of Taiwan, Republic of Korea, People’s Republic of China, and the United States of America. I have published two novels, the second of which is being translated into eight languages, have had two theatrical revues performed. As a visual artist, I have been in several group shows, am represented by the Anishnabek Gallery, and have now 5 paintings and drawings in the National Archives of Canada. I have published my 19th book in political science, my 40th article in learned journals or books. I have given over 2000 media interviews on politics.