Does Privacy Exist in the Age of Big Data?

Friday, March 3

On Friday, March 3, 2017, the Japan Foundation Toronto was pleased to host a lecture by Professor Kaori Ishii of Tsukuba University’s Faculty of Library, Information and Media Science. Professor Ishii’s research interests focus largely on privacy and data protection and she is now finishing up a year in Toronto as a visiting professor at Ryerson University’s Department of Law & Business.

Her talk drew a diverse crowd and she presented to a full house in the Japan Foundation, Toronto event hall. The talk started off by going over the basics of the Principles of Privacy by Design, a concept first developed by the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario in 1995, and is now incorporated into the policy of over 30 countries around the world. Professor Ishii also gave the audience a briefing on artificial intelligence, robots, the Internet of Things, Big Data, lifelogging, and cloud computing, while peppering the talk with anecdotes from around the world, including a problematic boyfriend tracking app in Japan which got the audience giggling.

Following the presentation, Professor Ishii fielded several questions from the audience.

We are grateful to have been able to host this informative talk and wish Professor Ishii all the best after her return to Japan later this month.