JFT Virtual Study Space

JFT Virtual Study Space

The JFT virtual study space is a free 24/7 online space where Japanese language learners can get together to improve their Japanese language skills by experiencing the language outside of class.

Below are some things the space can be used for:

  • Eat lunch or dinner together while chatting
  • Watch videos, etc. together
  • Share Japanese study tips
  • Chat with staff and volunteers and ask them questions
  • Focus on doing homework in your own booth, or chat with others in the space during break time
  • Participate in games and events (Event Calendar)

Some Past and Upcoming Events at the Space:

  • Game Room for Intermediate+ levels
  • Chat with Natives
  • Topic-Based Conversation Practice (View Topic Schedule)
  • Study Together
  • Verb Conjugation Dojo
  • Reading a Book Together
  • Lunchtime Live Lesson

Participation Requirements:

– To join the space, you must be at least 18 years of age, and either:

  • A Japanese language learner located in Canada*
  • A student or staff member at one of the Japan Foundation overseas offices (full list of offices here)
  • A Japanese language teacher located in Canada**
  • A registered volunteer with the Japan Foundation, Toronto (for native and near-native speakers of Japanese in Canada who are not teachers of Japanese)
    *JFT students and staff do not need to sign up.
    **Conducting classes at the space is not allowed.

– A mic and camera are both required when interacting with other space users, e.g. in chat events.

To use the space:

  1. Read the Space User Guide.
  2. Fill out the sign-up form below and indicate the day you would like to attend the orientation.
  3. After reviewing your submission, we will send you the details of the orientation.
  4. Upon finishing the orientation, you will be sent a link to access the space. You do not need to have a GatherTown account.
  5. The space password may be changed every April and/or September so if you would like to continue to use the space and are unable to access it, please fill out the registration form again at those times.


Please email koza_jftoronto@jpf.go.jp if you have any questions.

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