Statistics and Research #2

The Japan Foundation is continuously gathering information about the state of Japanese-Language Education, and the results of that work – including information about Canada – can be found at the sites below.

Japan Foundation Survey on Japanese-Language Education Abroad

The Japan Foundation periodically conducts a survey on Japanese-Language Education around the world. The most recent survey was conducted in 2018. (English) (Japanese)

国別の日本語教育情報 (Country and Regional Information)

Information compiled by the Japan Foundation concerning trends in Japanese-Language education, educational systems, language teachers and learners in countries around the world. (Japanese only)

※ Canada-specific information (Japanese only):

Search Engine for Japanese Language Education Institutions

This is a search engine created by the Japan Foundation for looking up places where you can learn the Japanese language overseas, based on the results of the Japan Foundation’s “Survey on Japanese-Language Education Abroad.” (Japanese and English)