2018 JFT Summer Language Brush-up & PD Workshop for Japanese-Language Teachers


Wednesday, July 4 to Saturday, July 7, 2018


Simon Fraser University, Burnaby Campus, BC

Eligible Candidates:

The following individuals are eligible to participate in the program:

a) In principle, those who are currently employed by the applying organization as a Japanese-language teacher and who will continue teaching in the aforementioned organization after their return.
* If you are a Japanese-language teacher who does not meet the above eligibility requirements but still wishes to participate in this program, please contact Ms. Noriko Saito at nsaito@jftor.org.

b) Those who did not complete their compulsory education (elementary and junior high school, 9 years) in Japan.


This is a four-day workshop designed for non-native Japanese language teachers, including a one-day workshop open to other teachers on the first day. (Teachers interested in registering only in the one-day workshop can do so at https://tr.jpf.go.jp/event/workshop180704/.)

For the first day, Mr. Murakami will conduct a workshop: “Teaching Japanese as an Autonomous Learner.”

The remaining three days are an “overnight camp” workshop, focusing on autonomous learning with the goal of brushing up participants’ Japanese skills.

Tentative Schedule:

Day 1 (July 4): One-day workshop: “Teaching Japanese as an Autonomous Learner”

How to grow as a teacher, and as a Japanese/English/French user

  • Autonomous Learning Strategies (Oxford SILL, CBLL)
  • Autonomous Learning Resources (Extensive reading, online, collection of conversation topics)
  • How to use online tools (Zoom etc.)

Day2 (July 5):

  • Sharing learning methods
  • Self-Reflection (What kind of Japanese language do you want to study? What you want to be able to do?)
  • Trying out various resources
  • Planning for autonomous learning on the next day.

Day 3 (July 6):

  • Autonomous learning based on the plan from the day before
  • Sharing progress and any changes

Day 4 (July 7):

  • Retrospective
  • Discussion of continuing learning after the workshop


Conducted primarily in Japanese.


JFT will bear the following expenses in accordance with its regulations.

a) Accommodation
* Please note that the participants who apply after May 22 may not be able to receive accommodation provided by JFT.
b) Training program

The participants will bear the following expenses:

a) Cost for travel
b) Meals during the program

Application Procedures:

Applications should be submitted via e-mail to Ms. Noriko Saito (nsaito@jftor.org) at the Japan Foundation, Toronto no later than June 10, 2018.

  • Click here to download the application instructions (UPDATED MAY 23, 2018)
  • Click here to download the application form (UPDATED MAY 23, 2018)


Noriko Saito (416)-966-1600 ext. 224 nsaito@jftor.org