Kyoko Nakajima at JFT

Show Kyoko Nakajima at JFT - Oct 2019

Author Kyoko Nakajima visited Toronto from Japan for TIFA 2019 (Toronto International Festival of Authors). Her novel  小さいおうち Chiisai Ouchi was awarded the Naoki Prize in 2010 and later adapted into the 2014 film Chiisai Ouchi, directed by Yoji Yamada. It was translated in English as The Little House in 2019.

On Saturday October 26, 2019 The Japan Foundation, Toronto hosted a panel discussion entitled “Writers on Writing: Author Kyoko Nakajima in conversation with Lynne Kutsukake”. With local writer Lynne Kutsukake and interpreter Jocelyne Allen, Kyoko Nakajima discussed her use of place and time in the narrative and her experiences as a writer of Japanese literature.

Jocelyne Allen, Kyoko Nakajima, and Lynne Kutsukake

Author Signing

Kerri Sakamoto, Kyoko Nakajima, and Jocelyne Allen at the screening of the film Chiisai Ouchi at Innis Town Hall

Kyoko Nakajima at TIFA 2019

In library