Yoko Tawada at JFT

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Renowned international author Yoko Tawada was a visiting author participating in TIFA (Toronto International Festival of Authors) formerly IFOA). Known for writing in both Japanese and German, Yoko Tawada is recipient of a number of prestigious literary awards, including the Akutagawa Prize, the Adelbert von Chamisso Prize, the Tanizaki Prize, the Kleist Prize, and the Goethe Medal. She recently won the Japan Foundation award, given for significant contributions to promoting international mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and other countries through academic, artistic, and other cultural pursuits. The Japan Foundation, Toronto and the Goethe Institut co-presented a panel discussion entitled Transcending Borders Yoko Tawada and the Fluidity of Language.  Recent titles in English include Memoirs of a Polar Bear and The Emissary.

Yoko Tawada discussing her work.

“Raisin Eyes: Rosinenaugen” English and German poem read by Yoko Tawada and Ted Goossen

Yoko Tawada and panelist Yasmin Aly

In the Japan Foundation, Toronto Library

In the Goethe Institut Library