Princess Arete アリーテ姫

Sunday, January 28, 11:00AM (ET) at Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex Ave, Toronto ON M5S 1J5)

Directed by KATABUCHI Sunao • 2021 • Anime / Fantasy • 104 min. • Presented in Japanese with English subtitles • RSVP Required  Trailer

Princesses Arete is shut away in a small room at the top of a castle tower, and she does not show herself in front of other people. Her lot in life is to stay there as a pure maiden until the man who be her bridegroom eventually appears. One day, she learns about an escape hatch from reading an old book, sneaks out of the castle, and heads for the town. The castle town turns out to be a world of skilled workers. The sight of each one of them creating meaningful objects with their own hands seems like magic to her. She has never imagined that people’s hands contained such possibilities, and she begins to wonder what possibilities lie in her own hands.

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