ROM Connects: When disaster strikes, humour heals: Japanese Earthquake Prints

Recording of online event on December 6, 2022 is now available on Youtube.

This talk with Ms. TAKESUE Akiko, curator of the Royal Ontario Museum, is about The Catfish Prints’ Album of the ROM. JFT Program Officer Toshi Aoyagi introduced the tradition of a Kabuki actor, Danjuro, as an gurdian hero of the city Edo/Tokyo.


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Online exhibition:Aftershocks: Japanese Earthquake Prints

The Royal Ontario Museum’s newest online exhibition, produced in partnership with The Japan Foundation, Toronto, takes a closer look at an exceptional collected album of earthquake prints – namazue-e (catfish prints) – in the Museum’s permanent collections. Quickly produced and widely distributed after the 1855 Ansei Great Earthquake struck and heavily damaged the city of Edo (modern day Tokyo), catfish prints used humour and satire to help people make sense of and move on from the disaster.