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Ainupuri: Giving Voice to Museum Objects

Ainu were once described and perceived as “exotic” people of Hokkaido (Ainu Mosir in the Ainu), in Northern Japan. The Ainu became a very popular research subject both internationally and domestically from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century. … Continue reading →

Filmmakers Conversation: Short Films of the Ainu

Filmmakers Conversation: Short Films of the Ainu Watch now on the JFT Youtube Channel In conjunction with our online film program, Short Films of the Ainu, we invite you to join us for a special conversation about the preservation of … Continue reading →

Ainu: Indigenous People of Japan (film screening)

Ainu: Indigenous People of Japan • アイヌ:ひと THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 7:00 PM (ET) | In-Person at the JFT Event HallDoors Open at 6:30 PM Directed by MIZOGUCHI Naomi • 2019 • Documentary • 80 min.Presented in Japanese and Ainu with English subtitles • TrailerIn-person Film Screening • Admission Free • RSVP Required … Continue reading →

Revisit our Online Talks about Inuit Print Art and Ainu Cinema for September 30

In recognition of the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation on September 30, we invite you to revisit two of our special online talks: ‘Inuit Print Art and Its Early Japanese Influences’ and ‘Reviving Ainu Lost Traditions on Screen: HIMEDA Tadayoshi’s Documentary Films’. You can watch them anytime on the JFT Youtube Channel! Continue reading →

Reviving Ainu Lost Traditions on Screen: HIMEDA Tadayoshi’s documentary films

Event Abstract: Film representations of the Ainu people have existed since the inception of cinema but they have not remained stable over time. Ainu people were initially an object of interest for outsiders who portrayed them as “other” primitives, isolated … Continue reading →