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Ainu: Indigenous People of Japan (film screening)

Ainu: Indigenous People of Japan • アイヌ:ひと THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 7:00 PM (ET) | In-Person at the JFT Event HallDoors Open at 6:30 PM Directed by MIZOGUCHI Naomi • 2019 • Documentary • 80 min.Presented in Japanese and Ainu with English subtitles • TrailerIn-person Film Screening • Admission Free • RSVP Required … Continue reading →

Reviving Ainu Lost Traditions on Screen: HIMEDA Tadayoshi’s documentary films

Event Abstract: Film representations of the Ainu people have existed since the inception of cinema but they have not remained stable over time. Ainu people were initially an object of interest for outsiders who portrayed them as “other” primitives, isolated … Continue reading →

The Ainu Films of HIMEDA Tadayoshi

The Japan Foundation, Toronto is proud to present three films from the late pioneering filmmaker, HIMEDA Tadayoshi. These documentaries have rarely been shown outside of Japan and are of immense ethnological importance. During the 1970s and 1980s, Director Himeda created … Continue reading →

Ainu Film Screenings: International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples

This August we are delighted to present a series of film screenings in recognition of International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples on August 9th. All of the films shed light on the Ainu peoples, the indigenous people of Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan. Continue reading →

Ainu Neno An Ainu (Online Film Screening)

Ainu Neno An Ainu • アイヌネノアンアイヌ Friday, August 12, 5:59PM – Sunday, August 14, 11:59PM (ET) Directed by Neo Sora & Laura Liverani • 2021 • Documentary • 72 min. • Presented in Japanese & Ainu with English subtitles Online … Continue reading →