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Japanese Films at Reel Asian 2023

The 27th edition of the Reel Asian Film Festival runs from November 8-19! Enjoy the best there is to offer from pan-Asian filmmakers and media artists. Continue reading →

Here For The Bigger Picture: 25th Anniversary of the Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival

Celebrate 25 years of the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival with us from November 10-19. Their opening night film ISLANDS will be in-theatre on Wednesday, November 10, with the rest of their festival available digitally and Canada-wide November 11-19. Continue reading →

Anime at The Revue: AKIRA

Akira Directed by Katsuhiro Otomo 1988, AA, 124 min. Community Partner:       The year is 2019. Tokyo, now post-apocolyptic Neo-Tokyo, has been rebuilt after obliteration in WWIII. When a biker named Tetsuo is discovered to have mysterious telepathic … Continue reading →