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Silent Revue: Yasujiro Ozu’s TOKYO CHORUS

Nov 18 – Silent Revue presents one of the master Japanese filmmaker’s earliest and greatest masterpieces—1931’s TOKYO CHORUS directed by Yasujiro Ozu. Continue reading →

Silent Revue Presents: Cecil B. De Mille’s THE CHEAT (1915)

May 28 – The Silent Revue presents THE CHEAT (1915) is scathing in its portrayal of greed, desire, and deceit. Starring Fannie Ward and legendary Japanese screen idol, Sessue Hayakawa.

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Silent Revue presents Dragnet Girl: Ozu’s Tokyo Gangster Masterpiece

Presented by Silent Revue in partnership with The Japan Foundation, Toronto TICKETS Break out your hip flask and bulletproof vest, because the third installment of Silent Revue’s series “Deadly Dames” takes you to 1930s Tokyo, with its underground syndicate of … Continue reading →

Epicure’s Revue: The God of Ramen

The Revue Cinema, 400 Roncesvalles Avenue Co-presented by The Japan Foundation, Toronto and The Revue Cinema The Japan Foundation, Toronto is delighted to partner with the Revue Cinema for their long-running food and film series, Epicure’s Revue. This month’s screening … Continue reading →

Anime at The Revue: AKIRA

Akira Directed by Katsuhiro Otomo 1988, AA, 124 min. Community Partner:       The year is 2019. Tokyo, now post-apocolyptic Neo-Tokyo, has been rebuilt after obliteration in WWIII. When a biker named Tetsuo is discovered to have mysterious telepathic … Continue reading →