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Arms Race in Architecture

An arms race is on in the worlds of computation and architectural fabrication research. Robots with increasingly large, fast, and powerful capabilities are available and can produce outputs with military-grade precision. The assumption is that through the use of these … Continue reading →

Welcome to TOKYO: Urban Change and International Spectacle from the Meiji Period to 2020

Anticipating the arrival of tens of millions of foreign tourists attending the 2020 Olympic Games, the Tokyo municipal government announced in 2014 a long-term city plan aiming to make Tokyo the “world’s best city.” With the Olympic Games a “springboard” … Continue reading →


In celebration of National Indigenous Day, and to bring awareness of the indigenous people of Japan, we invite you to join us for a special screening of the documentary Tokyo Ainu directed by Hiroshi Moriya and produced by the Tokyo … Continue reading →

Tokyo BEFORE/AFTER Photography Exhibition

    Top images (left to right): Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation 02/21/2011; Mika Ninagawa, TOKYO INNOCENCE (2015); Image from photo album Nippon (1938). Japan Foundation Touring Exhibition: April 11 – July 11, 2018 Tokyo BEFORE/AFTER Photography Exhibition This touring exhibition … Continue reading →

Tokaido Megalopolis: the megacity region that swallowed Japan

Mega-urbanization poses huge challenges today in Asia.  The Tokaido Megalopolis from Tokyo to Osaka was the first case of this urban scale in Asia, and many of the issues faced by today’s emerging mega-city regions were identified in Tokaido 50 years ago, … Continue reading →