Fall Films 2019

September 24, 6:30 PM

Yuzo Asahara 122 MIN | 2013

FOODIES ALERT! Talented cook Haru marries into a clan of famous chefs who have served the Lord of Kaga for generations as “kitchen samurai” for their innovative dishes. But when she learns that her husband can’t cook at all, she must save the family reputation. Unfortunately, due to popular demand, RSVP is now CLOSED >

September 26, 2:00 PM

DAD’S LUNCH BOX パパのお弁当は世界一
Masakazu Fukatsu 76 MIN | 2017

Back to school BENTO blues? Get some inspiration with this film which follows three years of high school-er Midori, who eats the packed bento lunch her dad makes for her every single day. Find out what surprise she finds from her dad in the very last bento of her high school year! RSVP here >

October 17, 2:00 PM & October 29, 6:30 PM

Akira Kurosawa 110 MIN | 1956

Master director Akira Kurosawa infused his adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth with formal elements taken from Noh theater to create an unforgettable cinematic experience. As a hardened warrior who rises savagely to power, Toshiro Mifune gives a remarkable, animalistic performance, as does Isuzu Yamada as his ruthless wife. RSVP for 10.17 here, RSVP for 10.29 here >

October 22, 6:30 PM

Toru Kamei 109 MIN | 2009

Miniature Shiba-Inu fan? Mameshiba is a touching story about a reclusive 32-year-old man Jiro, who is out of work and lives at home. After tragedy hits, his mother runs away and leaves behind a cute six month old dog. Jiro ventures outside to find his mother, together with the cute bean sized Shiba-Inu, and encounters new friends on this wild goose-chase. RSVP here >