Online Teacher-Supported Self-Study Courses [Cancelled]

[UPDATE] Please note that the “Online Teacher-Supported Self-Study Courses”, which were characterized by paid live meetings held by the Japan Foundation Toronto, have been cancelled indefinitely.

This course is separate from the free Marugoto Self-Study Courses on JF Japanese e-Learning Minato, where learners can still continue to self-study at their own pace. Learners who are self-studying on Minato and would like to enhance their learning with conversation practice can join our free Virtual Study Space.

Learners looking for a more structured class are encouraged to check out our weekly online Marugoto classes:

Online Teacher-Supported Self-Study Courses [Cancelled]

Our Online Teacher-Supported Self-Study Courses are for learners who would like to primarily study by themselves, but have the support of an instructor and their peers. Students will study and complete assignments on their own within set timeframes, and have an online meeting three times a term to practice Japanese conversation (based on Marugoto topics) with their classmates and instructor. At the end of each term students will be evaluated on what they have learned.

The following teacher support is provided for each course:

  • course orientation
  • 3 live meetings (online) to practice conversation
  • final evaluation including an oral test
  • Slack workspace where students and the teacher can interact and ask questions


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General Information

Over the course of the three terms (fall, winter, spring) students cover one level (Starter, Elementary, or Late-Elementary), which would be the same as one level (one year) of our weekly language courses.

Online Teacher-Supported Self-Study Course Fees

Each term (Fall, Winter, Spring) costs $90. (Completing the entire course from September to July will cost $270.)

Class Materials

There is no textbook required for this course. Instead, students are encouraged to create a free account on JF Japanese e-Learning Minato and complete the required courses there. Students are also welcome to study using MARUGOTO Plus or any of the other free Japan Foundation online resources.

Not sure how to create a Minato account?

Click here for a video explaining how to sign up made by our colleagues at the Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur!

Not sure which level is right for you?

Click here for an online level checker which will guide you to see which Teacher-Supported course might be suitable for your current level.