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Tohoku Photography Exhibition

Tohoku through the Eyes of Japanese Photographers June 14 – October 4, 2013 Curated by Kotaro Iizawa Photographs by Teisuke Chiba, Ichiro Kojima, Hiseo Haga, Masatoshi Naito, Hiroshi Oshima, Meiki Lin, Masaru Tatsuki, Sendai Collection (group), Nao Tsuda, and Naoya … Continue reading →

Noh Photography Exhibition

Yokohama Noh Theatre Photography Exhibition Zeami (1363–1443?) is the greatest playwright and theorist of the Japanese Noh theatre. He and his father, Kan’ami (1333–84), were the creators of the Noh drama in its present form. In the fall of 2013, … Continue reading →