ZERO directed by SODA Kazuhiro

Zero 精神 0

Official Selection of the Hot Docs International Film Festival

Directed by SODA Kazuhiro, 2020 (115 min.),
Japanese with English Subtitles
Available until Saturday, June 6
Admission: $9 ($8 for Hot Docs Members)
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Zero is SODA’s ninth observational film. It won the Ecumenical Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival. The feature documentary uses the same method and style that follow these 10 commandments; 1 No research. 2 No meetings with subjects. 3 No scripts. 4 Roll the camera yourself. 5 Shoot for as long as possible. 6 Cover small areas deeply. 7 Do not set up a theme or goal before editing. 8 No narration, super-imposed titles, or music. 9 Use long takes. 10 Pay for the production yourself. “A filmmaker should minimize preconceived ideas and should simply learn from the crude reality captured on camera”. Directors statement here >
Full of wisdom and poetic imagery, Zero is an indelible portrayal of human frailty and kindness, and a masterpiece of compassionate filmmaking. This film includes a pre-recorded Q&A.
@JFToronto invited SODA Kazuhiro to Toronto to talk about four of his films in 2013.